Scratch empowers teams, sparks collaboration and helps you manage all your team members daily.

No more 8am Zoom check-ins. No more tedious calls. No confusion about tasks. Scratch manages your teams at scale. Built for teams to check in daily, focus on projects and earn rewards for good work.

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Use the daily check-ins to understand what team members are focusing on, comment on their check-ins, ask questions, give feedback and build cohesion around your daily workload.

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It’s 3pm. Wondering what your team has been doing all day? Stop wondering and check Scratch. With Scratch you have the ability to check in on individual and team progress. Learn how far along each person is on a given project instantly.

75% What’s your progress so far, Tisha? Almost there Well, well, well. Look who just scratched another useless meeting off their calendar. Scratch is about saving time, building team unity, daily check-ins, and overall progress on any project—all in one place. Think of what you could do with more time in the day and a more connected team.
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