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Priority Support

Everyone loves a little reward for a job well done. Take your team check-ins to a whole new level by incentivizing with daily points. You decide how often and how many points team members can earn and customize the prize. Maybe your team is full of caffeine addicts, so a coffee shop gift card is a hot ticket item. Others may find motivation from branded swag, internal per diem or something specific to your company. Let’s get your team excited and inspired.

With premium you get access to custom reporting, giving managers and teams all the information they need in one place.

Customize your monthly report and prepare to be delighted by data.
Gain insight into how your team is feeling, check in on their motivations, note how many team members are actively checking in and who is leading with kudos throughout the month. Base your rewards off of how your team is responding daily.

Move to the front of the line. With premium our support team makes sure all of your support questions are answered first, in a timely fashion. We also give you first access to upcoming betas and new features.