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Keep your team on track, no matter where they are.
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Converse, collaborate, repeat.

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Every team member starts the day with a short journal entry.

  1. They share how they’re feeling. Did they have a rough night? Are they energized from a big win? Feeling discouraged by a roadblock? Your team has instant visibility into how each member will be functioning so everyone acts with compassion and insight.
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  2. They share what they’re working on. Is the project close to completion? Do they need help? The whole team feels confident with transparent communication and clear status updates.
  3. They connect, no matter where they are. Location-specific information like weather is tagged to unite a remote workforce and foster a team atmosphere.
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Say What?!

  • Comment, connect and compliment coworkers anytime.
  • Set your visibility to minimize distractions and keep your team updated.
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Kudos are just a click away

  • There’s still no “I” in team, even if you work remotely. Give each other praise, celebrate the wins, or just give a big high-five when someone deserves it.
  • Earn points, go on hot streaks, build team unity all in one place.
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